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Old Technical Documents/How-To's

Go (Golang) Stuff

Azure PowerShell Tips

The Microsoft Surface

Perl and The Tiny Encryption Algorithm (tea)

Creating an ebook (including ePub to mobi conversion)

SQL*Plus and Blobs/Clobs

PerlTidy - Cleaning up Perl Code

How To Connect to the TonidoPlug2 Serial Port

OSX Time Machine and Tonidoplug

Compiling Objective-C on Windows

XCode and Objective-C Stuff

Sending a string value to the FlipsideViewController in a Utility iOS Application

OS X Tips

How to automatically delete old files in windows

OEM Console Setup on Ubuntu


Vim and SQL*Plus


Windows 7

How to Index a Bunch of Files

A SQLite Primer

Installing Flash plugin for Firefox in Slackware

How To Create and Use a Remote git Repository

Oracle SQLDeveloper

Oracle Enterprise Manager: Tips'n'Tricks

Oracle Audit Failed Logon Attempts

Adding a Virtual Disk to VMWare

Time Synchronization on Virtual Machines

Db2 Install on Redhat Linux

Solaris Howto's

Mounting a Windows Share from Linux

Blackberry Tips'n'Tricks

My Preferred Slackware/Windows XP Laptop Setup

RCS - Revision Control System

How to take a Screenshot in Linux

Administering a Redhat Linux Server from Windows

How to make a Perl Executable

Creating a Red Hat Linux and Oracle Server

Setting up a dual-booting Windows XP, Ubuntu Linux Workstation

Nagios for Network Monitoring

Setting up a Slackware Linux Oracle Server

Setting up a dual-booting Windows XP, Ubuntu Linux Workstation

Setting up a Minimalist FreeBSD Laptop

wmii - A Minimalist Window-Manager

Gaining Enlightenment

Setting up a FreeBSD Laptop using PC-BSD

Setting up a FreeBSD on a Sun Netra X1

FreeBSD How-To's

Rebuilding the FreeBSD Kernel

Installing FreeBSD on an IBM ThinkPad T21

Life on the High-Prairie of the GNU/Linux operating system; The Command-Line.

How to Restore Windows XP, or Undo Dual-Boot

Setting up Oracle on Slackware Linux

Windows XP/2003 Command-Line Reference.

Security And Linux

Vim Jump-Start

Emacs Jump-Start

VPN and Remote-Desktop for GNU/Linux

VPN and Remote-Desktop for FreeBSD

Remote access Via SSH or Telnet, FTP or SFTP on Windows XP

Samba Setup for GNU/Linux

Fetchmail Setup

Alpine Email Client

slrn Newsreader

SSHD, Secure Shell Daemon (Server)

Setting up Oracle InstantClient 10g for Windows or GNU/Linux

Connecting to an Oracle Database via an SSH Tunnel from Windows or GNU/Linux.

Lynx, The Text Browser

X-Windows; a Little Taste

How To Make An iPod Audiobook from a collection of MP3 files

DVD to iPod Video Conversion Guide

Keeping a Slackware Linux Server up-to-date

Keeping a Slackware Linux Server up-to-date with Swaret

Roqet Website Documents

Change(B)log (detailing changes to the site and occasional observations)

Archived Roqet Style Examples (from previous incarnations of Roqet)

Info on the search engine that is used by this site

Roqet Software Documents

Roqet Document Format

Atomic Documentation Method

RoqWiki (A Wiki that reads Roqet Document Format and outputs HTML) + RoqWiki POD

RoqetPad (a personal secure wiki)

RoqDocBuild (Roqet Document Builder)

RoqetMenu (Makes a menu from an XML file)

Makefile Menu (Makes a menu from a makefile)

MakeMS (Makes RTF Manuscript)

Roqet Articles

FreeBSD vs. Slackware Linux


Roqet Apps

Something Different

My Twitter Feed

Other Documents

Motorcycle Notes

Machinarium - a game review

The Transmission of the Lamp (Excerpt)

Time waits for no one


Where is Voyager?

3rd Party Documents

GNU General Public License

GNU Free Documentation License

GNU General Public License v3

3rd Party Articles

How to Overcome Martyr Syndrome

How to Live in the Moment


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