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How To Make An iPod Audiobook from a collection of MP3 files


What is an iPod Audiobook? : It is a file that the iPod will remember the last location you were at the next time you listen to it, even if you have listened to other tunes since you last listened to it.


1. Merge the MP3's into a single file using a tool like MP3 Merger.

2. Open the file in iTunes.

3. Right-click on the file in iTunes, and select "Convert to AAC format". This can take a while for a big file.

4. Delete the file after conversion (but don't let iTunes move the file into the Recycle Bin).

5. Find where the file has been saved to; it will have a .m4a extension, rename it to have a .m4b extension.

6. Open the renamed file in iTunes. You now have an iPod Audiobook.

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