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Roqet Change(B)log

2022-03-01 - 11.8

*.html: Updated document page to archive status (because I do updates so infrequently, this part of the site isn't particularly active). Also updated the look of the main page to be simpler.

2021-06-16 - 11.7.3

*.css: Modified css to have a warmer text.

2021-06-01 - 11.7.2

*.css: Modified css to have a warmer background.

2020-08-17 - 11.7.1

about_roqet.html: Removed reference to Twitter for contact. Is there a way to contact me?

2019-12-25 - 11.7

*.html: Happy New Year! (A few days early) This is a © update (to make it more dynamic). Also I moved Twitter and Github links from the main banner (as I've been quite inactive in that area lately) to the about page.


epoch.html: Epoch!

2019-02-08 - 11.6.2

*.css: Modified css to handle mobile devices better.

2019-01-04 - 11.6

*.html: Happy New Year! This is just a © update.

2018-06-22 - 11.5

*.css: Modified pre section colors to add some pop and modified editable areas to have a cleaner look and feel.

2018-05-11 - 11.4

*.css: Added purple! Thanks to this #725bf3 (rgb(114, 91, 243))


Ever wondered why you should use HTTPS? Here’s why.

2018-05-01 - 11.3

*.html: Small changes to clean things up a bit; nothing major as I still really like this design, but there were the little things... but if you want to look at something "different", take a look at my Where is Voyager? page.


*.html: Rebuild after Google sadly removed the ReCaptcha mailhide facility. No more contact link.


*.html: Rebuild after ReCaptcha updates.

2018-01-14 - 11.2

*.html: Happy New Year! This is just a © update. No new design yet, although I've started to think about it.

2017-03-31 - 11.1

SSL: Roqet has finally gone all HTTPS, joining the HTTPS Everywhere Movement, which I think should be encouraged.

2016-07-14 - 11 RoqetWriter

*.html, roqwiki.css: What happened to version 10? Ah, there's the mystery! Anyways, welcome to version 11. Inspired by this color-scheme which was in turn inspired by my favorite writing tool: IA Writer. I still have to modify a few things, but the core is done. Biggest change was to switch the roqet image to a font. I did that by first converting the image to an SVG file here, then importing that SVG file into an online tool that creates a font here, which I was inspired to do by reading this after discovering that my old image looked blurry when viewed on high definition screens. I also generated a bunch of icons for multiple devices/browsers/sizes using this tool.

2016-01-12 - 9.3

.html, roqwiki.css, index.html: Minor css modification for display on mobile devices - as per this advice. Updated copyrights.

2015-10-08 - 9.2

*.html, roqwiki.css, index.html: Minor modification of layout.


*.html,: Rebuild for reCAPTCHA url change (bought by Google).


*.html, index.html: Rebuild for 2015.


favicon.ico: An attempt at a more modern favicon using the technique I found here

2014-11-24 - 9.1

*.html, roqwiki.css, index.html: Modified the about and index pages as well as a few small tweaks to layout. Something I found unusual is that the color-scheme I'm using here is the chosen chalk color-scheme used by an astrophysicist in the movie "Interstellar" - an odd coincidence no? - I suppose the background is chalk-board like, but the combination and color choice coincidence was surprising to me. Main index page still looks like it needs a bit of balancing, but I like the orange search-box.

2014-11-23 - 9 ROQ.NXT

*.html, roqet.css: A modification to make the site look more like a console output - inspired by grumpygamer.com. I basically made it look a lot like the text-editor color modifications I make for vim (my most-used editor). Still to come: modifications to the main index and about pages.


*.html: Modified the doctype in order to enter the modern html5 world.

2013-06-12 - 8.1

*.html, roqet.css, roqet.png: Slight modification to prototype13 - a reversion to the v8 logo and an orange border to pull things in a bit. I may slim down the about page soon too.


roqet.png: roqet logo tweaks to make it a bit bolder (looked better on the internal roqet organization apps).


roqet.css, roqwiki.css: pop! Added a cool little css pop to the index page and cleaned up the css'.

2013-03-14 - 8 "Fabrica"

*.html, roqet.png: The culmination of the prototype13 efforts - still may have a few rough edges, but I think the "branding" is coming on nicely. Dropped global search (but it's only an index/roqet click away) and completed the push for logofication (maybe not a real word, but it fits here).


apps.html,markdownconvert.html: Modified the apps page and Markdown Convert page to show screenshots of the app.

2013-02-14 - 7.2a

index.html, roqet.css, roqet.png: Experimentation time - working with prototype13 which may eventually lead to a complete visual change for the site, but for now only really affects the site entry page. Used The Gimp to create the images and make those rounded corners and make the logo background orange. Trying for a cleaner-looking paired-down site, we'll see if I succeed.

2012-12-20 - 7.2

*.html: Added an apps page to show-off my new iOS app Markdown Convert, and modified the wiki template to include links to the apps page and my github repositories.

2012-09-02 - 7.1

roqwiki.css: Switched font to be rounder and warmer to improve readability after being inspired by this - I still have a lot to learn about typography, so I'll be making more changes soon.

2012-07-26 - 7 "Logofication"

*.html, roqet.png: Completed the "logofied" version of the Roqet pages (started back under version 6.2). Pixalized the logo a bit and cleaned up the whole design.


roqet.png: The little roqet logo went 8-bit and green! - Still a work in progress, but I like this one the best so far.

2012-06-27 - 6.2

*.html, roqet.png: Changed primary image to have a standard name, and "logofied" the site (used my little roqet logo instead of the word "roqet").


osx.html: A teeny beginning to my first steps in learning to use Apple's OS X (one thing I'm finding is that I think that they'll merge OS X and iOS one of these days).


*.html: DuckDuckGo fixed their search box (they were v.quick to respond to my note on their forum), so I imported the new code and regenerated all the pages.


*.html: modified template and regenerated pages due to DuckDuckGo search box change. Theres still a bug there that truncates the button a little, but I'll look into that soon.

2011-11-04 - 6.1

roqwiki.css: Added shading around the bottom bar - I think that it finishes off the pages nicely.

2011-10-14 - 6.0 "The Great Simplifier"

*.html, *.css : Switched Roqet to a new simplified structure, with nothing but an internal site search above, and the other links moved to the bottom line. I've tried to keep things simple and clean. The Roqet banner/bar uses a smaller version of the handmade font used in version 2.0 (modified using The Gimp). I've switched the internal site search to use DuckDuckGo - a very cool up'n'coming search engine.


twitter.html: I've added a Twitter Feed Page... early days yet, if I become a frequent user of Twitter, then I'll consider putting the feed on the home page. Not many other updates lately, just the occasional modification to existing pages.

2011-03-01 - 5.2

roqet_grey_small.png: Banner change; I took the had-made banner from version 2.0 ("Schubert Abbey") and modified it to fit in with the new design.

2011-01-26 - 5.1

*.html, *.css : Modified whole bar buttons to act as links (instead of just the words) using code found here.


roqetpad7.zip: RoqetPad7 Release Day! - And it's a few day's early. RoqetPad is (as I mentioned before), a Personal, Secure wiki that uses SQLite and TrueCrypt. It uses the same wiki format as the RoqWiki. You'll find it along with install instructions in the Downloads section. The latest changes have made it a bit more efficient, have changed the look'n'feel, and have made it easier to customize. I've currently only tested it on Windows7, but the code-base hasn't changed significantly, so it will still run fine under the other versions ow Windows, Linux, and the BSD's.

2010-12-29 - 5.0 "ZOrange"

*.html, *.css : A modern new look for Roqet. I've modernized the layout without going overboard. The new Roqet banner/bar still uses Capitol Thin TrueType font and is made using The Gimp and the Mozilla gradient editor (to generate the css).


makefile_menu.pl: Modified makefile_menu.pl script to be now allow multiple selections (delimited by commas) - of course you could also so this by creating a makefile entry that runs other entries too, but this is quicker to do on-the-fly.


emaxi.vim: I've created an emacs-inspired vim color-scheme called emaxi (I was doing a bit of work in emacs-lisp, and remembered how much I liked the color-scheme I had set in emacs). It's available Here.


zen_mind.html: Want to find out a bit of what this Zen stuff is all about? Take a look at: The Zen Mind.


pine.html: A long needed update to my Alpine email client page: Alpine.


couchdb.html: My latest database interest: CouchDB.


Not a change, but rather something I found that I thought was extremely cool: A notebook in the cloud - basically, it's a simple online notebook for anyone to use. If you just go to the base url, then it will create a new page for you. You can return to a page that was previously created, you can share pages with others and even password protect them. Obviously, you shouldn't use this for anything super-secure, but it's a very neat idea, and has been created with a minimalistic but functional interface. Perhaps I should make one for my own use sometime, but until then, I'll enjoy using this one. BTW, I've hear it was created by the creator of tumblr.


transmission_of_the_lamp.html: I'm also a student of zen, so occasionally a short exerpt may creep in like this one.


windows7.html: A new doc on my modifications for Windows 7.


motorcycle.html: Added a few more tips to my motorcycle page.


roqwiki.pl: Release of version 2.0 of the RoqWiki (the application used to create this whole site). Modified the script to have a metadata page instead of a generated about page, this works better with different styles, and doesn't tie one down to a fixed page. It's also a place to put new functions (like deploy, build and list all).

2010-03-24 - 3

machinarium.html: Created a review page of a work of art - Machinarium. Can't get those tunes out of my head.

2010-03-24 - 2

Continuing a thought (from the 23rd) on blogs. I have started several, but they always seem to run out of steam. I suddenly loose interest, or feel more like living life than writing about it. I suppose that's why microblogs or twitter appeal to me, but they often devolve into such banality that I can't find the energy to add anything to them. It would be difficult to keep regular readers without having something to sustain that regular writing. So for now, I'll just post wiki pages on some of the things that interest me.


archive.html: Just a note that the previous Roqet "themes" can be viewed on the archive page.

2010-03-23 - 2

roqetpad6.zip: added roqetpadcmd.pl, a simple script to add, edit, delete and search RoqetPad SQLite data (useful if your web-server isn't currently available, or if you just want to use a Perl script to access your data). Added this to the RoqetPad bundle available here.


*.html, *.css : Cleaned up the wiki template and removed some superfluous pages, goodbye about page and prominent downloads (about content merged with welcome page and downloads, software etc. became a simple link off the welcome page), I think it makes for a less cluttered look. I've been looking at a lot of different blogging engines lately for one of my many sub-projects, and I've found the simple, uncluttered look works best for me. I've been thinking of writing by own blogging software (it's really not that difficult), but one of the things sites like tumblr and posterous (so far my favorite) have going for it is that there's a higher chance of people reading what you have to say. Now I just need to find something worth saying.

2010-03-22 - 4.0 "Viva Le Digerati"

*.html, *.css : A new look for Roqet. I've gone for the clean-squareish look with minimal image addition. The new Roqet banner is made using the Capitol Thin TrueType font (size 139), made using The Gimp. To note the changing of styles, I've switched to a new Vim color-scheme: Digerati. Also removed the version number image. I'll find another way to display the version in future... perhaps I'll sneak it into the main banner.


*.html: Changed the wiki template to alter the "Contact" button to launch a reCAPTCHA window that reveals an email address. Decided to go this rout after switching roqet's mail server to use Google Apps - the switching of the MX records for the mail server seemed to have stopped my contact page from sending email correctly. I like the reCAPTCHA idea and there's less for me to maintain anyway, so I think it's a worthwile move for the site. I regenerated all pages after the template change.


*.html: Cleaned up import filenames so as not to cause confusion if I ever have to restore the site from a backup. Regenerated all pages after cleanup.


error*.html, contact*.html, donate*.html, roqwiki.pl: Recreated the last bunch of pages that were still hand-coded to be generated by the wiki instead. Modified roqwki.pl to be able to deploy a single page to a different location. Also modified roqwiki to use an xml file as it's parameter file.


*.html: Modified wiki template and added charities supported to about page.


how_to_index_a_bunch_of_files.html: Added a quick method of indexing files with the intent to search them. I have also written a script which uses this, but that will be released when it's ready.


makefile_menu.pl: Modified makefile_menu.pl script to be able to read : from the parameters section.


motorcycle.html: Added the first non-computer related document on one of my other interests: Motorcycles.


roqetpad6.zip: RoqetPad6 Release Day! RoqetPad is (as I mentioned before), a Personal, Secure wiki that uses SQLite and TrueCrypt. It uses the same wiki format as the RoqWiki. You'll find it along with install instructions in the Downloads section. I have been testing it under Windows and Linux, on a regular workstation and a laptop for the last month or so.


roqwiki.pl, roqdocformat.html, *.html: Modified the Roqet Document Format to have bullets that allowed links and horizontal lines; this is all working towards the release of RoqetPad6 which will basically be a personal secure wiki using SQLite and TrueCrypt. The wiki format will be the same as the RoqWiki uses (I'm keeping the conversion code in sync). You may wonder what happened to RoqetPad5, well it was built to also use SQLite and TrueCrypt as well as Oracle, but still used the old database structure and old cgi capture method; I have used it for over a year, but decided I only wanted to release it once I had the personal wiki conversion part done, which will happen in version 6. I also rebuilt all the wiki pages using the RoqWiki's buildall functionality to take advantage of some of the structural changes.


roqwiki.pl: Modified comment block not to say that imports are within pre tags.

2009-04-07 - 3.2

martyr_complex.html: A new sub-version marks the first use of RoqWiki's import functionality. In this first example I have used it to republish a 3rd-party article (with permission). This new functionality makes it easier to create new content. It basically imports any text saved on the server in a text file, and respects all html tags contained within. Although I haven't done so yet, this will allow me to use RoqWiki to create almost all the pages on the site (there are still a few that are coded manually).


git.html: First post for a new year (yes, late, I know). I've finally added a page on git, and modified a few others.


VARIOUS.html: Nothing structural has changed lately, so this is just a note to acknowledge the addition of several wiki pages related to Oracle tips along with the updating of some of the Linux commands. The wiki has proved itself to be very useful for quickly putting up pages or modifying them (which is what a wiki is supposed to do after all).


roqwiki.pl: Cleaned up code to use template for all page builds.


roqwiki.pl: Added "build all" functionality, to be able to rebuild all wiki pages.


media.html: Created a media page for embedded video and audio.

2008-05-19 - 3.1

*.html, roqwiki.css, roqwiki.pl, rocwikideploy.pl: Made changes on the wiki pages etc. to give them a more professional look'n'feel.


changelog.html, wiki_template.html: Made the changelog page a wiki page (it used to be generated from a changelog-format file. Modified the Roqwt wiki template to not use tables, I will write a cgi script that can "change all pages" to avoid me having to edit and save each page to make all Roqet pages conform to the new template.


archive*, wiki*, roqwikideploy.pl: I have created an archive page with links to static pages that display the previous look'n'feel of the Roqet site. Also there has been a change in the security model of the wiki; while I am busy creating a better method of calling the edit routine, I thought it better to put the wiki software in a protected directory, I added a script (roqwikideploy.pl) (that can be called from within that directory to copy any new pages or modified to the main directory of the site).

2008-04-18 - 3.0 "Of Wooden Ships and RoqetMen" AKA "The Wikification"

*.html, *.css : Big changes! Using my new Perl RoqWiki wiki I have rebuild the entire site so that the majority of pages are wiki pages, this allows me to modify them from anywhere easier, and to open them up for editing to others (on my approval list). BTW the new Roqet banner is made using the free "Dearest" font by West Wind Fonts size 46 color 363636. The graphical doodad on each side was scanned from a free source of victorian prints, unfortunately, I don't recall the book's name.


roqdocformat.pl, roqdocformat.html: added wiki-format create subroutine (to bulk-create pages for RoqWiki), added roqet document format upgrate subroutine to upgrade roqet document formatted files to v2.0


roqwiki.pl, roqwiki.html: Bugfix modifications on RoqWiki.


roqwiki.pl, roqwiki.html, docs.html: The initial release of RoqWiki my own construction inspired by pwyky. I plan to use it to convert this entire site into a wiki.


index.html, /wiki/*: Modified index.html to point to my personal wiki (sorry it's not currently public, but if you're interested, I used pwyky which has to be the quickest-to-install wiki I've ever used). I am considering modifying pwyky a bit so that I can build my whole site using it (including all my document pages), this would require quite a bit of reformatting, but the end result would be easy to update wherever I am without having access to the source.

2008-04-01 - 2.5

*.html: Removed Consulting tab.


pine.html: removed dead links.


vpn.html: added ubuntu info.


roqdocbuild.pl, roqdocbuild.html, roqdocformat.html: added code to allow images.


vim.html, console.html: Minor modifications.


roqetpad4.zip: Finally after using various versions of the RoqetPad since 2004 I think I have it ready for release. Take a look at the screenshot in the Downloads Software area and give it a try. RoqetPad is basically a web-based contact and note manager. I find it extremely useful.


vim.html: Minor modifications.


donate.html, purchase.html: Modified PayPal logo borders.


consulting.html: corrected a spelling-mistake; need to remember to leave spell-check switched on in Vim when I code web-pages.

2007-10-10 - 2.4

*.html: Added Consulting tab and modified about page to have a FAQ.


slackware_laptop.html: added some links.


slackware_laptop.html: modified graphical login info.


slackware_laptop.html: my preferred slackware laptop setup.


oracle_redhat_server.html: added optimization parameters for J2EE.


cursor_checking.sql, blob_insert_into.sql, blob_select_from.sql: a few new handy Oracle scripts to select and insert text from/to a blob, and a script to monitor cursors and modify cursor parameters if necessary.


.htaccess (software): Modified to add MIME type, so that scrips can be viewed directly with the browser, hint, the line looks like this: AddType text/plain .txt .pl .el .sql .sh (I learned how to do this here)


donate.html, donate_thank.html: Modified donation page and added donation thank you.


donate.html: added donation page for those who wish to donate money to Roqet.


header*.html, index.html: fixed invalid links, removed wallpaper display page and thumbnails (decided maintenance was too high), and added a small blurb on the front page of the site because it was looking a little vacant.


oracle_redhat_server.html, freebsd_minimalist_laptop.html, gpl3.html: minor modifications. also added a few blackberry wallpaper images (320x240).


oracle_redhat_server.html, pine.html: heading cleanup. Maildrop for imap addition.


screenshot_linux.html: added how to take a screenshot in linux.


rcs-revision_control_system.html, console.html: another step in creating atomic documents.


oracle_redhat_server.html: modified 64bit instructions.


wallpaper_view.html, make_thumbnails.pl, about.html: Added a page to view thumbnails of wallpaper. This was created by the make_thumbnails.pl perl script (now in software).


makefile_menu.pl: v1.2 - added ability to run makefiles by another name.


about.html, contact_captcha.html, formmal_captcha.cgi, captcha.cgi: New experimental contact form using a real captcha script (still needs work).


perl_executable.html, docs.html: Added new doc on how to make a Perl executable.


slackware_updating.html, swaret.html, security.html, docs.html: Updated to show how to update Slackware packages without relying on 3rd-party


2007-03-23 - 2.3

*.html: Modified to have a generic "downloads" tab that maps to the downloads directory.


changelog.html: Reversed order of changelog (actually, it could be more of a change"blog" should I choose to do so).


oracle_redhat_server.html, samba.html: Updated for 64bit installation, and modified samba doc to mention Red Hat GUI tool.


oracle_redhat_server.html: Added automation section for automatic startup and shutdown of an Oracle database.


oracle_redhat_server.html, docs.html: The start of a basic document I've needed to condense what I've learned about Oracle and redhat into a single source.


wallpaper_roqet-schubert-abbey-1-1280x1024.jpg+png, wallpaper_roqet-schubert-abbey-2-1280x1024.jpg+png, renameimages.pl: created some wallpaper images for download (sometime I'll create a downloads section, but for now it can be found in the files directory - accessable from the "about" section. Added one of the script I use to resize images and create thumbnail images for my family website.


header.html, software.html, software/.htaccess, files.htaccess: Modified .htaccessfiles in subdirectories to call a header.html file which has a css tag, so that the directory listings look like part of the file. The line to add to the .htaccess file is "HeaderName ../header.html"; some page and image links may need to be modified.


wmii.html, freebsd_minimalist_laptop.html: Created a new document on my current favorite window-manager: wmii. And modified the minimalist freebsd laptop document to also use wmii as I think it's more "minimalist" that xfce (which I still like btw).


administering_redhat_linux_from_windows.html: The start of a much needed document.


roqdocbuild.pl: modified to print original file type in footer.


roqdocbuild.pl: added changelog converter subroutine. I modified roqdocbuild.pl to create a "journal format" instead of a typical "document format", to make the layout better (no blank lines etc.) in case I decide to use it as a technical journal (which has become quite a popular thing to do to changelogs on some of the open sourced projects).


roqet.css: modified to make code more visible.

2006-11-15 - 2.2

*.html: made Google's "build your own search-engine" the primary Roqet search method.


search.html, searchresults.html, about.html: added experimental search pages to test Google's "build your own search-engine". Modified About page to link to this.


roqet.css: changed document contents box to be right-aligned, and made the fonts look better.


software.html, docs.html, makefile_menu.pl, makefile_menu.html: Created makefile_menu.pl to create a menu from the makefile, so I don't need to add details in 2 places.


*.html, version.png, roqet.css: Added version.png (using a free font called "Dearest" and the lower-case letter "x") to represent the Roqet website design version and to round off the bottom-right of the pages. Changed Policy page to About page and moved it's position next to Welcome tab.


.htaccess, software.html: Added this file containing the text "Options +Indexes" so that the scripts directory can be browsed to. Changed the Software page to be a simple pointer to this directory with a brief explanation. This allows me to dump scripts there without having to modify the software page all the time.

2006-09-18 - 2.1

*.html: changed about tab to welcome tab. Minor CSS modifications. Fixed up script viewing. Plan to add some simple illuminations to "spice-up" site a little.


error*.html: moved roqet to a new host: 1and1.com, much more responsive. Added new error pages as per their instruction. Script viewing no longer works, will have to write something to htmlize them.

2006-08-24 - 2.0 "Schubert Abbey"

*.html, *.css, *.txt: A completely new look for the Roqet site. Worth noting is that I didn't move all my old documents (pre roqdocbuild documents) to 2.0; these have been archived, but will no longer be on the site. However, I will put redirection pageswith the same name as those old documents on the site. BTW I hand-made the "ROQET" banner - didn't use a font, but scanned-in the title to an old music-score, and then manipulated some of the letters to build new letters. Roqet 1.x "Orange" has now been retired to the roqet1.x directory.


software.html, contact.html, contact_sent.html, docs.html, search.html, roqet.css: modified background color (#ffffe7) to match index.html and top-left icons to use simple icons also from index.html.


*.html, *.css, *.xml: modified to use roqet.css. replaced all references to roqetman with roqet.


*.xml, *.html: modified page icons to use univac-like symbols. modified look'n'feel to follow univac theme.

2005-11-17 - 1.x "Orange"

GOOGLEb7a4c021ac301fc5.html: Added Google file for use with sitemap; it's a blank html file with a unique id number that google links to my roqet account.

2005-11-16 - Prolog

This is the changelog for the Roqet website. I started this history file on 2005-11-16, but the site (ROQET 1.x "Orange") was in existence for at least 6 months before this file was created. By the way, I don't always record contents changes made by roqdocbuild, mostly just structural or design changes. Each new design version of the site has a version number and a name.

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