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Lynx The Text Browser

command-line commands

lynx : opens the lynx program

lynx URL : (Use this command to open Lynx and go directly to the URL of your choice rather than to the default URL set up by your system administrator).

lynx -d URL : opens the URL and "dumps" the output onto your screen lynx -d http://www.slashdot.org > slashdot.txt

basic lynx commands

g URL : Use this command to go to a site once you are already in Lynx

\ : view the HTML source code for a page

u : view details about current page: owner, URL, size, etc...

a : create a bookmark (followed by d for the current page, l for a link)

v : view your bookmark list

r : remove bookmark from list

/ : enter a search string

n : search for next occurence of search string

q : quit Lynx

? : access online help

ctrl-r : refresh (can also use ctrl-l)

o : options (set to advanced to see URL)

lynx.cfg file

The lynx.cfg file resides in different places on different distributions, on Red Hat/Fedora it is in the /etc directory (although you should edit the /etc/lynx-site.cfg rather or your settings will be overwritten if you upgrade), on Slackware, the file is in the /usr/lib/lynx/ directory.

Here are the colors I prefer:


Other Settings

default startup page : There are a couple of places you can set the default page that Lynx opens. The lynx.cfg file (see above), and my preferred place (as it only affects me and not any other users), the ~/.profile file, eg: export WWW_HOME=http://www.slashdot.org

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