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DVD to iPod Video Conversion Guide

Before You Begin

Remember: It is illegal in most countries to make a copy of a movie if you do not own the original.

Required Software

DVD Decrypter

Videora Converter

Note: there are many, many other programs that can do the job of these 2, but I can't make instructions for all of them.


Launch DVD Decrypter.

Insert DVD.

Select Mode menu -> IFO I mode.

Select Tools menu -> Settings, select IFO tab, under Options, change File Splitting to None and click OK.

On the main screen click the Stream Processing tab. Select Enable and select only the first video and audio listed.

Make sure you remember the destination of the video file where your raw DVD data will go.

Click on the Decrypt button to start decrypting the DVD to your hard drive.

Once it's complete, close DVD Decrypter (a 4 to 6 GB movie will take about 12 to 18 minutes to convert).

Launch Videora.

Note: If you are converting a widescreen movie, change the resolution settings under Settings -> Profile to 320x132, otherwise it should be 320x240 (if you don't do this, the video will look stretched).

Select Convert, and then select Transcode New Video. Choose the file that you extracted from the DVD using DVD Decrypter.

Change the Title to what you want the video title to be, then click Start to begin.

Once it's complete, your new video file is ready for your iPod; open iTunes, and add the file to your library and then copy it to your iPod.

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