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XCode, or Objective-C Stuff

I'm very new to Objective-C and XCode (the Apple tool for creating apps), so some of these notes will be obvious to some, but as always, these pages are a brain-dump for me; this one is no different.

Command Line Tools for Xcode : I'm still learning Xcode, but I do miss having the easy-to-access gcc compiling options that were available from the Linux command-line. Now they're available; info here.

Xcode 4 binary locations : Xcode 4 creates binaries that you build (by default - this can be changed) in a subdirectory off of here: ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/

To change __MyCompanyName__ to your company name : add your company to your address book, then click on the project in XCode and change the Project Document Organization to the same name as in the address book, hit enter or tab afterwards. Note that this will only change in new classes and projects you create (won't change in existing classes). For new projects that you create, the Organization Name will be whatever the value was on the previously open project. (You can edit it when creating the new project). A note, another note.

  • Dismiss the keyboard if anything other than the textview is touched

    note that the original idea for this came from here

    // added to dismiss the keyboard if anything other than the textview is touched
        UITouch *touch = [touches anyObject];
        if ([textView isFirstResponder] && [touch view] != textView) {       
            [textView resignFirstResponder];
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